Star Wars - Mara Jade vs Vader

Mike heath marajadevaderfinalimage

Final Art

Mike heath finalrender6clay

Clay Render (background architecture and troopers were rendered separately)

Mike heath vaderrender1

Darth Vader Outfit Render

Mike heath vaderhelmetrende1r

Darth Vader Helmet Render

Mike heath vaderheadsculpt

Darth Vader Helmet Sculpt

Mike heath vaderoutfit

Darth Vader Outfit Sculpt

Mike heath stormtroopersuittextured

Storm trooper suit render

Mike heath stormtrooperhelmettextured

Storm trooper helmet render

Mike heath stormtrooperhelmetsculpt

Storm trooper helmet sculpt

Mike heath stormtroopersuitsculpt

Storm trooper suit sculpt

Star Wars - Mara Jade vs Vader

A new personal work. I wanted to explore this great character from the Heir to the Empire book series. I liked the idea of Mara being tested by Vader while she was under the Emperor's training.
I sculpted all of the character suits from scratch and spent lots of time on Vader and the stormtrooper which I plan on using for future artworks. It was really fun to tackle these classic costumes and add my thoughts to Mara Jade. I then used Daz to rig the suits to figures for quick posing. I was able to complete the whole process in about 4 days. Lots of BTS images below. Thanks for looking!