Silly Rabbit, Art is For Kids!
Mike heath dolphin1

Heart of A Dolphin (Scholastic)

Mike heath bicyclespy

Bicycle Spy (Scholastic)

Mike heath magiciansfirefinal

Young Houdini (SourceBooks - unused concept)

Mike heath hannahwest

Hannah West (Amazon)

Mike heath bunnicula

Bunnicula (personal)

Mike heath secondbookofore

Second Book of Ore (Disney/Hyperion)

Mike heath kingdombamarre

Lost Kingdom of Bamarre (Harper Collins)

Mike heath fogdiver

The Fog Diver (Harper Collins Publishing)

Mike heath hauntedmuseum

Haunted Museum (Scholastic)

Mike heath dolphin2

Dolphin Dreams (Scholastic)

Mike heath poison

Poison (Disney/Hyperion)

Mike heath dolphin3

Dolphin Summer (Scholastic)

Mike heath tloscomppa

The Laws Of Subtraction (Scholastic_)

Mike heath themissing2
Mike heath thecay

The Cay (Random House Publishing)

Mike heath searchingforrubyc2

Searching For Baby Ruby (Scholastic)

Mike heath tombquest9

Tombquest: Book 4 (Scholastic)

Mike heath brianshuntf1

Brian's Hunt: Hatchet Series (Random House Publishing)

Mike heath brianswinterf1

Brian's Winter: Hatchet Series (Random House Publishing)

Mike heath brianstheriverf1

The River: Hatchet Series (Random House Publishing)

Mike heath briansreturnf

Brian's Return: Hatchet Series (Random House Publishing)

Silly Rabbit, Art is For Kids!

Various book covers for kids ( I LOVE DOING THIS STUFF BECAUSE I NEVER GREW UP). Most images are completely 3D except for the kids (3D kids stink!). There's nothing better than making people smile through a piece of art-I believe this idea is one of the main purposes of art in our culture today.

More artwork
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