Tarzan - King Of The Apes

Mike heath tarzanfinal

Final Art

Mike heath claytarzan

Clay render Tarzan

Mike heath clayrenderapesf

Clay render apes

Mike heath tarzansketch

My original sketch was too flat so I reworked the composition in 3D-I seem to be able to compose better in the viewport sometimes:)

Tarzan - King Of The Apes

A personal work inspired by my reading as of late-what a great book this is! Everything was posed in Daz and then I sculpted on top of each figure as they were very basic placeholders. One element that pushed me a lot was the fact that I put all of this hard work into the characters and the lighting scenario that worked best was to put them in shadow-pride will get me if I'm not willing to step back and ask what serves the image best. Additionally, I believe it adds a nice sense of mystery to the image-hopefully makes you want to lean in and imagine the details.